Operating concept of the enterprise: We uphold agriculture, make profit for people and share happiness and woe with them


Core values of the enterprise: Integrity, unity, innovation and win-win result

Integrity is a moral quality. A person of integrity treats others with sincerity, values credibility, and tries best to do what they have said. They are always true to other people and trust other people. They do not harm the interests of others and the collective: Unity, fraternity and cooperation. Innovation is the courage to face challenges, deny oneself and overpass oneself to pursue excellence. It requires us to learn new knowledge. Everyone should "dare to make innovation, be willing to make innovation and know how to do it". By this way, an encouraging environment will be created where people are eager to make innovation and improvement, so as to achieve a win-win result among customers, the Company, peasant households and employees.


Enterprise vision: Creating the first-rate enterprise and setting up a fine example for the industry

The vision of the Company is to build an enterprise with first-rate management, technology, quality, equipment, environment and performance, and set up a fine example for the industry in terms of quality, technology, services and performance.

Enterprise spirit: Go further and do better
   We always remain enthusiastic about work and hold a positive attitude towards work, and are always diligently delivering the win-win strategies for both individuals and the organization. We never ignore trivial issues, and always work steadily and hard, and stay true to work. We always work with zeal and diligence, and make efforts to improve ourselves. We face challenges boldly and know how to grow and thrive in hardships. That's why we are able to stand out among our competitors.


Responsibility of Xiefeng: Our responsibilities to the society, shareholders, customers, peasant households and our employees
       Our responsibility to the society: we make contribution to the society and serve the country through industry; Our responsibility to our shareholders: We increase value of assets to guarantee stable return; Our responsibility to customer: We provide quality warranty and premium services; Our responsibility to peasant households: we help them increase income and get rich; 
Our responsibility to employees: we make career plans for them and hemp them settle down.

Service tenet of the enterprise: Every piece of pickle is tasty and  yummy