Chairman:He Jiangang


    Every person in the family of Xiefeng is working hard, diligently and conscientiously for development of the Company. We are united and devoted and we managed to develop from a small factory to a big enterprise. Now we have become a well-known brand in the pickle industry.

      The Company has always been prudent when making critical development strategies. We are clear that the employees choose to work for us because of their trust on us, and they rely upon Xiefeng for pursuit of their career and life goals. Only with sustainable development of the Company could encourage every employee to exert their ability and realize their life values, so that everyone will be able to find their desired position and obtain due remuneration, honors and dignity. We are a Chinese enterprise. As such, we should do our part in prospering the national industry and thriving the country. We are also employees of Xiefeng, and so we should be dedicated to the Company and make innovation and strive to do everything right. The Company is currently going through operation reform and management innovation, and re-consolidation of our enterprise culture. Everyone of us should get involved in the process. Only when we get truly involved, could we know more about the process and reach a consensus. We all hope that we could reach our goal step by step through our joint efforts and we are bound to reach the goal. Every employee will also grow together with the young and up-and-coming enterprise. 

       With achievements we have made in the past, let's stick together to create a brilliant future. We believe that the future of Xiefeng will be much better.