The 8th China Pickles Expo to be held in Meishan, Sichuan

Release date:2017-12-27News belongs:Chongqing Xiefeng Pickles Co., Ltd. Meishan October 17 (Zhou Guoli) On October 17, it is announced at the press conference of the 8th China Pickles Expo that the 8th China Pickles Expo is to be held in Meishan, Sichuan from October 31 to November 4. Tu Jianhua, head of the Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Department, and Wang Shuhuai, vice mayor of the People's Government of Meishan, are present at the press conference.

   Tu gives an introduction to development of the pickle industry of Sichuan and the Dongpo pickle industry of Meishan. He points out that Sichuan pickle is dubbed as the "bone of Sichuan dishes", and is refreshing, tasty, crispy and tender. Pickle industry is the most characteristic agricultural product processing industry of Sichuan, and it plays a positive role in driving development of vegetable industry and increasing peasants' income, and upgrading of agricultural industry. In 2015, the production of pickles in Sichuan was 3.3 million tons, with production value of 27 billion yuan, accounting for about 70% of the national production of pickles. The production of Dongpo pickle in Meishan was 1.5 million tons, with a production value of 13.6 billion yuan, accounting for about half of the total production of pickles of Sichuan. Meishan has built up the pickle industry park with the largest scale, most diversified functions and most advanced process in China, the China Pickle Town. It also has set up the first pickle culture themed pickle museum in China, and China Dongpo Pickle Industry Technical Research Institute, the first institute engaged in R&D of pickle production technologies in China. In addition, it has also set up the first national pickle testing center in China that is engaged in testing the quality and safety of pickles. A total of 19 pickle industry technologies have been granted the national invention patents successively. Sichuan pickle and Meishan Dongpo pickle have been respectively granted the certifications of National Protected Geographic Indication. Sichuan will seize the opportunity of the Expo to strengthen communication, enhance publicizing and explore investment opportunities, so as to expedite industrial transformation and upgrading and foster rapid and healthy development of the industry.

   Wang Shuhuai states at the press conference that in response to the requirements for frugality, Meishan has finished all preparation work for the Expo. Wang also invites all the guests to the Expo. He adds that "Dongpo pickle" is a highlighted name card of Meishan. The success of "Dongpo pickle" is reflected by the development of the unimpressive pickle into a reputable brand with scale production and considerable market share. In 2015, the sales revenue of the pickle industry in Meishan reached 13.6 billion yuan, which is more than 2 times that achieved at the First Pickle Fair held in 2009. Thanks to the pickle, the annual income of 210,000 peasant households increased by 860 million yuan. It also offered jobs for nearly 25,000 peasants, bringing a salary income of 530 million yuan. "Dongpo pickle" was listed in the ranking of Chinese brand values of CCTV in 2015, with a brand value of 10.465 billion yuan, which ranked the 5th place among the geographical indication brands in the processed food category of China. It is expected that the sales revenue would top 15 billion yuan this year, 10% higher than that in the past year. The open Meishan is expecting everyone to visit the city and take a bite of Dongpo pickle.
      It is reported that the Expo will be themed "pickles with history of 3,000 years and Chinese taste", and will be co-sponsored by China Food Industry Association, Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Department and the People's Government of Meishan. There will be more than 10,000 visitors and honored guests at the event.

    During the Expo, there will be a number of events, including the opening ceremony, "Dongpo Pickle" Tasting, Pickle Trade Show, Seminar on Dongpo Food Culture and Sichuan Dish Development, Round-table Conference on Pickle Economy and Culture, the First China Pickle Cooking Exhibition Match, the Global Promotion of "Dongpo Pickle" on International Social Platforms, Finding the Inheritor of "Dongpo Pickle" Cultural Heritage, Exhibition and Performance of "Dongpo Pickle" Mass Culture, "Dongpo Taste" Investment Promotion and Signing Ceremony, "Dongpo Taste" Special Product Trade Show, "Dongpo Taste" Gourmet Week, and "Dongpo Taste" Food & Tour Package.