Eating pickles in winter is good for your health - cool, tasty and appetizing

Release date:2017-12-27News belongs:Chongqing Xiefeng Pickles Co., Ltd.

   In the past, two things were indispensable for households in the northeast China: The Chinese sauerkraut vat and stone used for making pickles. In Sichuan, it is pickle jar. It is obvious that for both northeast people and Sichuan people, pickles are equally important. In nowadays, though people have many food materials to choose from, pickles are still appealing to us because of its crispiness, tastiness and appetizing role. There are many positive effects of eating pickles:

   Pickles, as the king of appetizer, is appetizing. However, we should not take in too much salt.

   Pickles are generally eaten as appetizer, or as condiment for cooking. There are Northeast pickle, Sichuan pickle, Guizhou pickle and Yunnan Fuyuan pickle. Pickles from different regions have different tastes.

   The commonly seen pickles are made of cabbage or green vegetables, and some are made of radish. The nutritional content in the original vegetables are reserved to a maximum extent in the pickles, which contain rich vitamin C, amino acid, organic acid and dietary fiber. The properly made pickles have the delicate fragrance of esters and the cool sourness due to chemical reaction, and that's why they are appetizing.

   Add several tablets of vitamin C into the jar

   If you want to make pickles at home, and have health concerns, there are some tips for you:

   Firstly, you may add 4 tablets of vitamin C for each kg of cabbage, so as to stop generation of nitrite; by adding 400 mg of vitamin C or 50 mg of benzoic acid as the preservative into the pickle water, you may stop 75% and 98% of the generation of nitrite, and prevent mildew.
   Secondly, you should add enough salt; otherwise the bacteria could not be sufficiently controlled; as a result, the nitrates may be reduced to hazardous nitrites.

  Thirdly, the pickles should be eaten at a proper time. Generally, the highest content of nitrite is observed 4 to 8 days after preparation of pickles. The nitrite content starts to drop from the 9th day on and it disappears from the 20th day on. After that time, you may eat the pickles without any concern.

  In addition, it is advisable to eat pepper, cauliflower, caraway, grapefruit and fresh orange together with the pickles. This is because there will be reduction reaction between vitamin C contained in the fruit and vegetables and the nitrite in the pickles, thus preventing generation of cancerogenic substances.